Many have heard that some people are happy to opt for life in Asia. Popular the Philippines in Southeast Asia. It is the second largest archipelago in the world, and has more than 7,000 islands, many of which are uninhabited. In this part of the world is growing vegetation of tropical palm trees, there are beautiful beaches and crystal clear and warm sea. Philippines over the centuries, due to the Spanish and American colonization and the strong ties with China and Japan, under the influence of different cultures. The capital of the Philippines, Manila, is one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia. The official languages ​​are Filipino, English, Spanish and Arabic. Besides the capital Manila, is a popular move and in Bacold, Manila, Marikina, Makati, Puerto Princesa, Cebu, Baguio, Manila and Zamboanga. It is estimated that with a little more than 500 euros a month you can live decently in their property in the Philippines. This is slightly more than 35,000 Philippine pesos. Visa and residence permit for the Philippines does not need to EU citizens if the stay up to 21 days. For those who plan to travel to the Philippines for a period of more than twenty-one days and there to study, to look for a job, buy a house or start a business, must apply for a special visa. Over the conditions and possibilities that you need to ask the embassies of the Philippines in the world before deciding.
Because of the nuclear disaster that occurred in 1986 at Chernobyl, permanently displaced 116,000 people. While the area after the disaster is not suitable for human habitation, the collected data show that the wild life flourished. On the territory of 4,200 square kilometers in Chernobyl, discovered numerous populations of large mammals, including elk, deer, deer and wild boar. The current situation in Syria, the Syrian regime's forces backed by the Russian attacks on the west of the country by land attacks on at least four rebel positions. US forces and their allies attack the days of air targets Islamic state in Syria and Iraq, and the last wave has included attacks on Al Hasakah in the northeast and Manjib the north of the country. On Sunday, their hits included Al Hasakah and Palmyra, located in the central part of Syria. On Tuesday, Russia announced that it is ready to talk with the US side on the coordination of flights in order to avoid misunderstandings over Syria, where Russia and the US-Middle Eastern coalition airstrikes carried out independently of each other.

Italian cuisine summarizes all the flavors of the Mediterranean

Italian cuisine follows the Mediterranean pattern of eating—it focuses on simple, natural ingredients, such as tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, dark leafy greens and whole grains, making it one of the world’s healthiest diets. Research suggests that the benefits of a Mediterranean-style eating pattern may include improved weight loss, better control of blood-glucose (sugar) levels and reduced risk of depression. Which is essential ingredients of Italian cuisine. These are definitely olive oil, tomatoes, basil, garlic, seafood, pasta, beans, salads, nuts and wine.

Istria - Holidays like in Italy

Umag - The area now called Umag was discovered long ago by Roman nobles and decided to appropriate it as his summer residence. Splendor, pageantry and glamor of those times is reflected today in the Venetian houses in the old part of Umag. Umag is 40 kilometers away from Trieste, 150 from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and 50 nautical miles from Venice. Umag - Umag is a favorite vacation spot, with excellent hiking opportunities. The hinterland of Umag is hiding so far little-known tourist attractions, the new "aqua park" Brtonigla and Porec with the largest system of slides in Europe, hiking, bike tours, wine routes, spelunking and other activities for adventure enthusiasts. City Umag - A town with a thousand faces.

Oluja Juno stvorila velike probleme na sjevero istoku SAD-a

U najmanje šest saveznih država proglašeno je izvanredno stanje. Otkazane su tisuće letova, zatvorene škole i mnogi prijevozi javnog sustava . U New Yorku, ali i drugim područjima na sjeveroistoku SAD-a sve je u prekidu zbog oluje Juno koja će prema očekivanjima sa sobom donijeti veće količine snijega popraćenih ledenom kišom i vjetrom koji bi mogao dosegnuti više od 100 kilometara na sat. Nacionalna meteorološka agencija oluju opisuje kao 'za život opasnu' i 'povijesnu'. Svim vozilima koja nisu dio hitnih službi zabranjeno je prometovanje od 11 sati navečer po lokalnom vremenu, a obustavljene su i usluge podzemne željeznice. Oluja bi mogla utjecati na živote 60 milijuna ljudi. Kako javlja Reuters, a prenosi, riječ je o potencijalno povijesnoj oluji koja bi mogla utjecati na 20 posto američke populacije. 

International Meeting of beekeepers and winemakers in Croatia

International Meeting of beekeepers and winemakers inCroatia will be held in early February in Bjelovar. More than 150 exhibitors will present their products and services 6 to 8 February Producers of honey and honey-based products and wine producers from various wine regions offer will but look for something for your business. Also expected performance winemakers from the region of Istria, which was recently included on the list of the top ten wine regions in the world. Although so far not been confirmed appearance of wine producers from Istria wine lovers are hoping their arrival.
Istrian wine is a poetry of taste and smell, it is an inseparable part of the Istrian man, his passion and love, the deepest intimacy and open pride, a lavish gift of rocky land and abundant sunshine.

The history of wine and the local people is inseparable story which lasts nearly 2,000 years, ever since the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius brought vines to the warm Istrian soil.

From gold to Malvasia ruby Teran, from young light wines vivid autumn to full elegant flavors of ripe barrique, Istrian wines offer a multi-layered story that is only just beginning to discover.

The most famous varieties of Istrian wines. White varieties: Malvasia - there are white and black Malvasia or white variety is much better known. Chardonnay - The wine is light, fruity aroma and sour. In barrique variants, with age gets smoke flavoring, vanilla, caramel or butter. Momjan (Istrian Muscat), an autochthonous sort of Momjan. Due to the location and microclimate is unique in the world. Pinot Blanc - The wine is straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Pinot Gris is a wine with a note pink. The taste has aromas of peach, apricot and spices. Pinot Gris is a wine of excellent quality. Sauvignon Blanc is a white grape variety whose wine mainly dry and refreshing. recognizable by a distinct scent that is reminiscent of freshly mown meadows and specific fresh taste with aromas of green apple, grapefruit and asparagus. Red varieties: Teran - old Istrian autochthonous variety which was first mentioned back more than 600 years. Until a hundred years ago was the main Istrian variety that was planted in most of the local vineyards. Muscat red Already more than 100 years has brought the voice of the Porec wine making. It is traditionally produced as a dessert wine.

Merlot - is a popular wine in a light body which usually can recognize hints of black currant and plum. Merlot is very drinkable and not sour and astringent. Name Merlot comes from the old French word "merlot", which means young blackbird. Pinot Noir - Wine Pinot Noir is a high quality regardless of whether it is processed in black or white wine. Cabernet sauvignon- most popular grape in the world when the production of red wine in question. Cabernet Sauvignon has a delightful and very pronounced varietal bouquet that can remind and black currant. Gamay is one of the oldest known grape varieties. This old Istrian autochthonous variety achieves the best results in red soil in northwestern Istria. Refosco - Refosco is autochthonous Istrian variety, rich expression and character, with a fruity bouquet of raspberry and cherry and a slight hint of grass.

New York - 8, Rio de Janeiro + 44

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - This day we fight with a temperature of 8 degrees below zero. Do you know where he is now a true paradise on earth. Sunny beaches filled with hot swimwear, topless with temperatures up to 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil these days  is full of swimmers who really enjoy the true summer.
 Well my dear New Yorkers to say, it is good to minus eight Celsius.